Sunday, June 26, 2011

We All Survived!

Andy & the kids survived my week at WyldLife camp and I was able to keep up with my 8 girls.  I'm still trying to catch up on sleep, though!  We were busy 18 hours a day with meetings, challenges, games, swimming at the water park and having tons of fun.  I was drafted for several messy challenges, which the girls LOVED, but my hair may never be the same :)

The rewards were eternal - one girl accepted Christ for the first time and six others recommitted.  All the girls have asked to do a Bible study with me now that we're home so I'm trying to figure a way to work that in.  Definitely not plan to start a teen girl ministry, but it feels like that is where God is leading right now.  Oh, the strange ways He works!

Andy & I celebrated our 12th Anniversary on June 13th.  He and I drove to Nampa, ID that day to buy a small 5th wheel travel trailer to put on the new flatbed gooseneck trailer he bought the weekend before.  We drove over 1000 miles that week trying to find a new trailer/toy hauler.  In the end, he got just what he wanted - a gooseneck trailer with our 5th wheel mounted at the front and room for the quads or boat behind.  I need to take some pictures; it's not as weird looking as it sounds :)

We'll be home for about 2 weeks before heading up to Troy, OR and then the Moscow area to visit Andy's family.  We'll be taking the new trailer and doing lots of camping.  It doesn't look like we'll get to go pike fishing this year, though :(  They'll have another year to grow for us!  The kids are really excited about seeing their cousins.

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