Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On Vacation

Summer is flying by!  We have one month before football starts and summer vacation officially ends for the Lusco family.  We've had a great summer camping, fishing, swimming in our new pool and visiting family.  We're in Idaho right now with Andy's family and head home late this week for Angie to make some more spending money :)  Next week Andy will be at EOU's football camp with our high school team.  We're still planning a few more short camping trips and a visit to Angie's family in August.  Our garden is taking off, so the canning and preserving will start in August as well.  I'll share some pictures after we're home again.  Hope you are having a fantastic summer, too!

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T.O. Kropf said...

I'm still waiting on pictures of the new house on wheels! I am very anxious to check out this amazing brilliant contraption.