Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May Review

May has come and gone and June is well upon us.  The days have been flying by here.  Drew is now 10 years old!  It so hard to believe that my first-born is 10 and he is half-grown...only 9 more years in my home!  We had a "Camp-Out" sleepover party where the boys roasted sausage dogs for dinner, made smores, played flashlight games in the dark and camped out in the shop.  My parents stayed one night, then we had a BBQ on his actual birthday.  It was a fun weekend for Drew!

We spent Memorial Day camping NW of Burns near where I hunted as a girl.  The weather was miserable.  We had snow & rain all but 6 hours all weekend!  We packed up Sunday afternoon and came home a night early.  Mally & Drew loved to shoot the .22s.

We planted our little yard 3 weeks ago and it's just starting to sprout.  We've had so much rain and cold weather, so the garden and plants will be late this year.  We're working on planting the garden and hope to finish this weekend.

Andy has been very busy planning the Mt. Vernon School Open House & Community Dance, which was held June 3.  They teamed with the alumni association and had classrooms decorated by different decades of graduates.  They had a dance in the gym.  He had a great turnout - over 200 community people plus students.  People could leave painted handprints on the gym & hall walls.  It was really special.

The next few weeks will be busy with football camp and Wyldlife camp.  I hope summer weather comes soon!

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