Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Drew!

My oldest is 9 hard to believe!  This morning, Drew crawled into bed with us and we snuggled while I told him about the day he was born.  It was 101' that day - a far cry from cold weather and snow we have falling this year as he turns 9!    We celebrated with a kid party on Friday night with pizza and whoopie pies, family movie night on Saturday and Wii Fest today trying out his new Wii games.  We are so thankful for our kind, loyal, loving son!

Friday I spent 6 hours making whoopie pies for the party, church and bake sale.  Here's what 100 whoopie pies looks like....Yummo!  They are already gone :)

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Jill Williamson said...

That's a lot of those whoopie pies. They were yummy, though. Your blog makes me hungry...