Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ramblings and a Recipe

Andy and I are cutting carbs again, trying to finally lose the weight we've kept on since Mallory was born.  Two weeks in and we're feeling good!  I saw this recipe today for Jalapeno Poppers by Creative 2x Mom that make my mouth water.  Definitely adding jalapenos to my shopping list, since we could eat these on our diet.
Photo from Creative 2x Mom

I was able to plant the garden seeds on Thursday before the rain started (again!)  It looks like my sweet potato starts were killed with our snow last week, so I planted more red potatos in their place today.  My Walla Walla Sweets are also looking dead, so I replaced them with white onions.  Definitely a big learning curve for gardening in Zone 8 vs Zone 4 where we were before.  All but one of my fruit trees is budding or flowering.  The nectarine was also hit hard by the cold but I'm hoping it comes back.  This weekend we hope to go buy tomato and pepper plants; the last of our garden to be planted!
It looks like we're staying close to home this weekend.  The weather is too cold and rainy for me to go camping - I'm a fair weather camper :)  I'm hoping we'll get in some fishing one day and possibly drive to see my brother near Buck Springs Campground where we grew up hunting.  Today we're finishing the chicken coop's outer shell and clearing the chicken run from boulders and building a retaining wall there.  Have you seen all our rocks?  I need to post some pictures of all the boulders we've been moving the last month.  They were unearthed with the excavation for the home & shop sites so we've been moving them around the (soon to be) yard, house and along the base of our dirt banks.  Andy's probably wondering what's taking me so long to get back to helping, so I'm off to hang more sheet metal siding!


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