Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sightseeing With The Parents

We were so glad to have my parents come for a quick trip this past weekend. Mom had been driving around with my Costco order in her trunk for the past month, so it was time she deliver! Dad has been busy at work, so I'm glad they could come over so we could show off our new house.

Saturday afternoon we drove to Prairie City and east to the rest stop with the big covered wagon. We saw 2 antelopes and took some pictures on the wagon. Fun times!

 Looks like Blogger won't let me upload photos directly from my computer, so I've been using Flickr.  Their Picnik editing program is great!  I've had fun editing...can you tell?

Totally unrelated to The Parents, I'm considering heading back to work as a casual or very part-time. I'm starting to miss the affirmation of a job well done and friendships made with co-workers. I'm loving my time at home, but longing for a way to better fit in here. The extra income would be really nice, too :) I took my CPR renewal class yesterday and it made me really start thinking about working again. The hospital has openings right now, so we're going to pray that I would know if now is the time. They work 12-hour shifts, so I'd only want to average 1 a week or ideally 2 days every other week. It's got me thinking...please help us pray for direction and clarity about what would be best for our family.

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