Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zumba and Mom Jeans

I'm so proud of my mom for trying a Zumba class! I hope she doesn't chicken out after seeing this video. It's fast paced and fun, but difficult since I don't dance. Just keep those feet moving, even if you can't figure out the step :) This is a full Zumba workout, so lace up your dancing shoes and get moving!

I also found this hilarious (and so true!) post and wanted to share it here, too. It's over on my Mama Lusco blog, but worth repeating here. So, head over to this post to learn about avoiding the "Mom Butt Jeans" and get a fabulous looking rear end :) You may need a tissue as you read...I was in tears laughing at her scientific presentation and sense of humor. Enjoy!

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