Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hug Your Child Today

My heart is breaking for the Ayer family in Tangent, OR.  They were a part of our church back in Albany (and now attend The Grove).  I know Courtney from Bible Study and Women's events and cared for her 2 boys in the nursery.  We share many mutual friends...They lost their almost 3 year-old boy yesterday to a tragic accident.  While Courtney was jogging and pushing her youngest boy, Dylan, in a jogging stroller the unthinkable happened and Dylan was struck by a semi-truck trailer and killed.  We still don't know exactly how it happened, just that the Ayer family and the driver will be forever changed because of what happened.  I remember Dylan and Mallory as babies at Bible Study.  They drew as much attention as the study most days!  Today I cannot stop looking at her and wanting to hold her.  I cannot imagine life without her and my heart breaks for Courtney and her family.  Please pray for the Ayer's and all involved yesterday.  Also remember their friends who are ministering to them during this awful time.  Give your children a hug today and tell them how much you love them; we never know when our days will be over.

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