Thursday, February 4, 2010


Since my last post was so sad, I thought I'd give you a smile this time!  Mallory is talking well now, but had some funny words that crack us up.  The other morning she was laying in bed with Andy and I and kept talking about "Polka Nuts"...after a minute I figured out she liked my polka-dot pajamas!  I know I've shared this over at Mama Lusco Handmade, but Mallory's favorite play shoes are her "hee-highls".  I guess high-heels just doesn't sound right to her, so they've always been "hee-highls"!

I hope you noticed my new Mama Lusco Handmade button in the right-hand column.  I made it and the link all by myself, with the help of some other crafty bloggers' directions.  Pretty happy with that one! 

Mom & Trent are coming over this weekend to help finish up the house and paint.  Tomorrow I'll be buying paint for both bathrooms, kitchen, and all 3 bedrooms.  Andy and Trent will be finishing the insulation & inside sheeting on the shop and making the steps & landings for the home's 3 entries.  Fuqua will be finished inside on Friday the 5th and final home inspection with the county is Monday the 8th!  We're waiting for the final bills to come in from the builder & contractors then need a re-inspection by the appraiser before the bank will finalize the loan.  We're hoping to move on the 15th!

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