Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday as a Football Widow

We had the opportunity to have family pictures taken last night as a fundraiser for Drew's school. So, we went to the local studio and took about 30 pictures - trying to get Mallory to smile! Normally you can't wipe the grin off her face, but not in front of the camera last night. We finally had a decent one. This is our first picture with Mallory in it :)  After pics, we went to the Mexican Restaurant for dinner. I tried to get a few pics of the kids... Oh, and the girls dresses were both thrifted! They look like new and felt like princesses :)

Andy left this morning for Medford. The team plays tomorrow at 1pm in the state quarter finals. They're playing a tough team who's been ranked #1 all season. This may be the end of my football widowhood for the year! I do wish them well and it would be awesome if they won, but I'm secretly hoping the season's over :)

I hope to have my husband home early Sunday morning so he can join us for the church's Community Thanksgiving Dinner. This is our first fall here, so it will be fun to see what kind of turnout they get. We'll be hosting it at the Senior Center. I'll be baking rolls, yams, and stuffing, yum! No diet for me on Sunday :) Yes, I said the 'D' word. I've been really sticking with it for 2 weeks and lost 9 lbs! Good start and I hope to keep losing through the holidays. Very hard for me to avoid sweets, but it feels good to see the scales moving and I'm motivated to keep it up!

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