Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey Towels

It was a really, really long weekend. I do not like being a single parent for 3 days straight. Andy's team lost on Saturday, so season's finally over. Disappointing, but a relief that it's over until August 2010. The team was delayed getting home because of a snow storm, so they ended up spending Saturday night in Bend before getting home Sunday afternoon. Andy's exhausted and I expect him to come home an nap the next few days. We only have 2 days of school this week, then the boys will be cow elk hunting over the Thanksgiving break. Thankfully, we live in a beautiful county where Andy can hunt from home! No tent camping during elk season or staying in a dirty cabin!

I found this great idea over at Three Pumpkins Little for Turkey Hand Towels. I had picked up some white dish towels yesterday and decided to quick make these to send to my moms for Thanksgiving, since we won't be with them. Before the kids left for school today, I traced their hands. This project took a little longer than I anticipated, but I got it done in time for it to mail out today. I added a band of fabric at the bottom of towels because they were so big and white and plain :) My iron left a little schmutz on one of them - sorry, Mom! Even though we won't be there, my little helpers will be there in spirit.  Hopefully, they arrive on Wednesday. If not, here's the sneak peek.


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Sandra said...

Awwww...those turned out so great! Your moms will love them. My MIL took hers into work & now several of her coworkers are making them for their moms. Love it! Happy Thanksgiving!