Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still Here Waiting

I'm here, just don't have much to say lately. I'm really liking the new blog design, thanks to CutestBlogOnTheBlock 's free layouts. There were so many fun ones to choose from...I may be changing frequently! I just ordered a photo editing software program, so I hope to add some new, fun tags and pictures eventually.

We're still praying & thinking about our offer on the property. We have the option to wait for our home to sell or find some cash and have the owner carry a contract. We'd love to just starting paying for it, but aren't sure how far to stretch ourselves financially. It's scary not knowing how long it will take for our house to sell. I'm still pretty emotional over it all, but am trying to trust God's timing.

Last night was hard for me. I was trying to make dinner and had the oldest kids watching a movie and supposedly Mallory, too. They didn't notice she had disappeared and then Mally came out with hot pink nail polish all over her hands, shirt, pants and my bathroom floor, bedroom walls & bedspread!  I was crying, she was crying, and Drew & Abby were scared! After a spanking I think Mally got the idea she was naughty. This was the second episode of painting with nail polish in the rental - I already had sparkly mauve on the bathroom floor. This morning I found the OOPS cleaner, nail polish remover and went to work cleaning. Thankfully, the floors and walls are clean. If anyone knows how to get nail polish off of fabric I'd love your advice! I'm not optimistic it will come out, though. Life is never predictable or dull with a 2 year old!

Another funny from Mallory - "Bunny, Bunny, Mom!" as she is looking under my sewing table. Stuck in my spider trap is a dead mouse. Yuck!

Abby is loving the 1st grade. Her favorite parts of the day are riding to school and riding home on the bus. She is making friends and really likes her teacher. Drew is excited to be studying insects and has chosen to do a project on red ants. He likes school but is slow to make friends. We are encouraging him to be a good listener and be patient and kind - friends will come! Please pray for Drew to find a few friends and us as we need our house to sell.

I've found some new fun blogs...check the out! The Incredible Women is really inspiring for Christian women. My TO DO PROJECT LIST is continuing to grow. Hopefully I'll try some new projects before just may receive one of these wonderful things!

Enough ramblings...I still don't have any friends here to talk to, so I've vented here. Thanks for stopping by and tolerating my ranting ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Angie. I liked hearing your rant! It's just so REAL life. And a bit reminiscent of my own...we've had some nail polish mishaps too.

I was really sad to hear about your house sale falling through. I'm praying for your family.

Amy T.