Friday, September 4, 2009


We got very disappointing news yesterday; our home sale fell through. Our buyer's home sale failed, so she backed out of our deal. We had plans to buy a property and new home ready to start being built next week, but these are all on hold while we decide what to do. We've invested several thousand dollars in the property and love the location, but are not sure what to do. We could walk away and wait until our home sells or try to renegotiate our contract on the property. If only we were rich! There would be no worry about how to afford a mortgage, rent and developing a new place! This is really a joke - we are content with our lifestyle and frugal living and have everything we need.

I've felt anger at the man who walked away from his contract without telling anyone his plans...we have been planning on this for two months and he was a coward to not respond to phone calls for the last 6 weeks. If only he had been forthcoming about not wanting to buy that property we could have all adjusted our plans. We have had our house off the market for 2 months planning on this deal and it's frustrating to see it wasted. I'm moving past the anger and am now just disappointed and not sure where God's leading us. Maybe our plans were not the best and He's leading us on a different path or just wants us to be patient.

To help ease some stress, I sewed a few outfits yesterday and this morning. We are going to Idaho to visit our newest nephew, Max Leon Lusco, Jr., and wanted a gift for big sister, Shy Lynn, too. I used this new ruffle pant pattern from Whimsy Couture and the peasant top from Portabellopixie. I love how they turned out! Mallory is modeling Shy's outfit, since they're the same size and only 4 month apart in age. I also made Mally a pair of pants that match Abby's, but haven't started her top yet. It feels good to sew and distract myself.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. So glad everything is going well.
Mallory G

Anonymous said...

I meant to add: Praying for your houseing situation - know that can be very hard.
Mallory G

Alisa said...

I'm sorry for your dissapointment. I do love the outfits you've created though.