Monday, September 21, 2009

Sick Day

We woke up with two sick kiddos today. Drew's running a low fever with a headache and Abby had a headache but no fever. I didn't notice Abby's face until she was dressed and ready to go...look at this swollen nose and rash!

She says her nose was itchy during the night. There's a small mark on the bridge that makes me think it's a spider bite. After some Advil and Benadryl cream, she's feeling better, but looks pretty bad. Not my smiley, happy Abby today. Here's Drew yesterday with me in my re-fitted T-shirt. I'm working on a tutorial to show how to re-fit your baggy T's into a ladies fit T.

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Amy said...

Cute T-shirt and a good looking son. I look forward to learning how to convert all my baggy t-shirts to more fitted ones. Can I do it without a surger? I don't have much luck sewing with t-shirt material. Do have any tips. I love the website you found You can make it.I planning to make gifts this year too.