Wednesday, September 23, 2009

House Hunting

Both kids are back in school today. Abby was only home Monday, but Drew woke up Monday night vomiting, so he spent Tuesday resting and rehydrating. Thankfully the rest of us are still healthy.

We've been thinking about buying a house in town instead or in addition to the property we have an offer on. Now that we're here, we really like the community and how close the recreation is. We could be gone every weekend if we didn't have a big property and animals to care for. The kids like the idea of living near their friends and the parks. Homes are very affordable, too, making the decision harder. We could get a 10 year loan on a house in town with a view vs. paying 30 years on developing a property. So much to consider! Here are the two homes we're considering; both on the same dead-end street to the north of town looking down on John Day and the 7th Street Complex park and ball fields and walking trails and river!
Triple-wide Home on 1/3 acre.This home is amazing! It looks like a brand-new home inside and it has great covered porches. We could live in this forever! The lot is very steep and there's no parking for our RV, so we would likely need to purchase the adjoining lot also. It has wonderful mountain views.

Double-wide on 1.25 acres. The double-wide has a fantastic lot and lots of room for a shop, parking and guest house. It's actually on 2 tax lots, so we could add our guest/mother's cottage on the 2nd lot. The house was pretty glum after seeing the triple, though...Possibly we could build a custom home here later. So many decisions!

5 Acre Bare Land. Quiet road only 3 miles to National Forest. Located halfway between Andy's school and John Day. We've already paid for septic approval and designed a manufactured home, but don't think we'll be able to afford that home now that our home sale fell through. We'll lose our earnest money if we walk away. We would build our own pole-framed custom home. Labor intensive, but we'll end up with a fabulous home on 5 acres.

Do we proceed with the 5 acres out of town and build our own home or buy a really affordable place in town with equally great views? To complicate things further, we still haven't sold our house in Lebanon. We're ready to drastically mark down the price just to get it sold, but can't afford to sell too cheap if we're paying commission. Arghhh! After all this ranting, you probably recognize that we need prayer. Please pray for peace and patience and wisdom as we consider our options. If you'd like to vote on your favorite property I'd love to hear from you!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness, that is a LOT to think about. When I toured a triple wide several years ago, I remember how very spacious it felt. I can see how that would be a good choice, especially paid for in 10 years!

But I can also see how it would be nice to have more land, and your own custom home. Oh, that would be hard to decide.

I'm not sure my vote is very helpful since I don't know your family well. I suppose personally I'd probably go for the acreage and custom home. You'd still be fulfilling your contract, and it seems like a good investment.

I'll keep on praying for wisdom, and look forward to hearing what you decide. House decisions are tough stuff, we've been going through it too.
Love, Amy