Friday, September 18, 2009

Feeling Crafty

Wanted to share a few pictures of our beautiful sunsets. Thankfully our rental has beautiful views to the west of the valley and mountains, making for wonderful sunsets!


I've been feeling crafty lately and decided to try something new, YCMT's paper piecing tutorial. I'm a novice quilter but am pleased with my results. I do have some pointers for other beginners using this tutorial...Do not cut your pieces small! I cut mine with about 1/2" extra for seams and this was way too small. Give yourself a few extra inches to make sewing easier. Save the long edges for last...I did them before the top piece and had to tear it out and add the top piece in and resew. Novice mistakes, but hopefully you know better!

I think I'll piece these together with more brown and tan sashing for a fall table runner. I like the tree pattern and will likely use it again for Christmas in reds & greens and winter in blues & whites.

I'm wanting to make the girls some leg warmers to wear under their skirts this fall and winter. I found a great deal on knee socks and decided to try some using this tutorial. I've also been thinking about projects to make as Christmas's only 3 months away! I'd like all the gifts to be handmade this year, so I'm planning ahead. Check out for great gifts if you want to buy handmade this year, too!

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Kim said...

Hi!! Your 3 trees turned out beautiful! Those are great color combos -- and great tips you shared as well! I'm so glad you enjoyed the paper piecing tutorial!
Have a nice weekend,