Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Football Season is Here!

The boys started football season on Monday. It's good to be back on the field! Andy is an assistant varsity coach at Grant Union High School this year. His head coach is in his first year, so Andy's been a valuable resource. What a change of pace to move from 5A to 3A football! Andy's trying to just roll with things, but it's definitely not the high-intensity football like he's used to coaching. The community is so supportive of the schools and team - another big change we are thankful for! Drew is participating in the Youth Camp this week and has enjoyed it despite feeling pretty sore :)

We met the coaching staff and some of the families at a BBQ Sunday evening. The head coach's family is very nice and they have 2 kids who are 8 & 5. I hope we'll be good friends! Other exciting news is that the Grant County Fair is this week, starting on Wednesday. We plan to buy passes and take advantage of the fun shows, concerts, and fun!

Andy's room is almost put together and he starts back to teacher duties on next Tuesday. I registered the kids at their new elementary school and signed them up for busing. What a blessing it will be to have them ride the bus! No more 20 minute drive each way! I'm feeling excited for the new football season and school year upon us. It's good to be in Grant County!

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