Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Design on a Dime

Our rental home is VERY temporary - we hope to be in our new home by Thanksgiving. It is very plain with white walls throughout and no window treatments. Most of the blinds don't even reach the bottom of the windows! I've really wanted to add a little privacy and warmth without spending much money since we'll soon be moving.
I'm happy with my solution: tension rods and recycled fabrics. For a total of $20, I've made 3 curtains and added a little color to our home!

The biggest problem we faced with the rental was the 3rd bedroom/den. Our landlord never provided the French doors for privacy, so we had to improvise to make Drew his own bedroom out of the existing den. We hung a curtain between the living room and den to separate his space and hide the dog kennel. I love the warm gold color of the recycled bed sheet I had. I didn't cut any length off, so it can be used as a sheet again by removing one row of stitches.

In the dining room we needed privacy from the neighbors, so another recycled bedsheet was turned into a simple panel. I hemmed the top and sides and sewed matching brown organza ribbon ties to the top.

My splurge was in the master bathroom. It has white walls and gray and black counters & tile and really needed some color. I found this fabric for $3.50/yard at Walmart in Idaho and turned 2 yards into this lovely curtain panel. The curtain clips were $3.99 and I can use them in my new house, too. I really cheated here, not hemming the fabric at all so I can use it again after we move. I'm thinking this would be a cute curtain for the girls' room in the new house. Overall, I'm happy with these cheap, simple window treatments.

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