Sunday, May 31, 2009

Feeling Flat

I am sad and overwhelmed right now...

We made another trip to John Day over the weekend, stopping to stay with Ernie & Jen Friday night. Saturday was spent looking at more houses and properties. So many choices, but we're leaning towards bare land and a new manufactured home. Sunday am we headed to Bend to look at Fuqua Homes and picked out our favorite model if we get to start fresh. We were prepared to make an offer on a home with great views on 20 acres, but learned the owners are not going to accept less than a full price offer, which we're not willing to pay. That was a little disappointing, but we'll be just as happy to buy a new home on less acreage. We still haven't had any offers on our home, so we're really in limbo until this one sells.

We started to call about rentals, but were distracted by sad news of my Grandma Roth's passing on Saturday evening. She had been quite ill for the past 4 days, so we knew the end was coming, but it is still hard to see her go. I was able to see Grandma twice this last week and tell her I loved her, and her children were with her at the end. She was the most loving, caring, praying woman and I will miss her greatly. Even my kids were sad and tearful over the news. They are so young that I didn't realize how much they loved Grandma Great, too. She was always interested in their activities and animals and enjoyed watching them play. We will miss you, Grandma, but are happy that you are finally with Grandpa again after 5 years apart.


e miller photography-Salem Oregon Photography said...

I heard about your grandma last night. I am so sorry!

Becky said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma Great. Wonderful that she was able to meet her grands.

Hang in there on the house. It WILL happen!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Angie, how sad for your family. Your grandma sounds like a wonderful woman of God, what a reunion she must be having now in heaven.

That's got to be hard waiting to make decisions on a home. Sounds like you are preparing well, I'll keep praying for the right buyer to come along.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to hear about your Grandma! She sounds like she was a wonderful lady -- and I think the picture you posted of her was so sweet. I can see the joy in her eyes!

And, house hunting -- wow! Stress time! So, maybe I can help out a bit by telling you that you've won my giveaway at la*le POP! You are the winner of the Apples & Pears apron, so send an address to me at and I'll get it off to you pronto.

I hope that you find a great place soon!