Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to Sewing

I finally made a date with my sewing machine and whipped up a few things over the past week or so...I've been holding onto Samantha's Miss Molly pattern for several months and finally made dresses for Mally and Abby. For Mally's dress I used a pink Minnie Mouse print and for Abby's a white fabric with cherries. Pretty proud of Abby's - I had to make the pattern bigger to fit her size 8 and it worked! Next I made another peasant top for me, this time adding a sash under the bust that ties in the back. Turned out very cute and more flattering than attempt #1 in blue. Next came AJ's birthday presents...a John Deere pillowcase and pajama pants for his birthday that was Sunday. We had the Fandrems over for a little BD nice to visit with them again!

Yesterday I started a hipster bag to use on our cruise next week. The tutorial is pretty well done, but I'm struggling with adding the final zipper at the top...this one's still a work in progress, but hope to finish today then make another mini-messenger to take with me. Whew! Sounds like a lot of sewing, but they were all easy projects.

I went to get the camera to take pics of AJ's gifts, got distracted and set it down somewhere....where the camera is now is a mystery :) I really need to find it before Friday when we leave! I will add pics of my projects when the missing camera is found. Hope you all have a good week :)

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