Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beautiful Dresses for Beautiful Girls

I took some time this weekend to sew some new dresses for the girls. Abby's are "Miss Madeline" pattern from The Handmade Dress ( link is under my blogs). It's so easy and adorable! Mally's is a new pattern I tried from Simplicity. I have another one cut out but not sewn that's the same style except has several tiers of twirls on the bottom part. The red fabric is thrifted and has beautiful gold thread accents. Abby wasn't thrilled with the pink plaid in the store, but she loves the finished product!


Mallory G said...

Angie, you are inspiring with all of your lovely projects! The girls look great in all of your handy work. Thank you for keeping up on this, it is so fun to track what friends are up to even with distance between us.
Love, Mal G.

Tonya said...

I love the pink plaid combination. I have been considering that pattern. You did a great job!!