Saturday, January 17, 2009

YCMT Sew-Along Quilt...Oh, My!

Adventures in quilting! I've never pieced together a quilt before now. YCMT has a project going that looked fun, so I joined in. It's a sew-along scrappy quilt. Not too late to join in! I took the scrappy idea literally and used old pillowcases, vintage fabrics, and a few scraps. I'm wishing now that I'd coordinated the colors a little better, but we still don't know what the final quilt will look like, so I'm hoping it will all come together okay! Abby has wanted to help, so she helped draw the lines for the diamonds and yesterday put together my pinwheels. She keeps asking when she can get a sewing machine! Here's what we have so far...


Anonymous said...

My goodness, what a busy, busy life you all lead. It makes me tired just seeing all the things you do. The girls look so big and quite lovely in their Sunday finest. Give the family my love.

Kim said...

I love what I see so far! And I think it's great that you're involving Abby in the process. How sweet!

I'm glad you're a part of this process!

Kim :)