Sunday, November 16, 2008

Miss Me?


Yes, it's been a few days...must mean that I'm back to work :) Mally's finally doing better so I worked Thur/Fri last week. We had Drew's team pizza party so his season is officially over. He would play year round if he could! The Rebels lost in the 2nd round of state playoffs on Friday night. We were glad to make it that far, but would have loved to end it with a good game instead of a blow-out...This means my husband will be home more (yeah!!!) for the next few months. Andy's thinking about coaching track again in exchange for me cutting back my work hours. I'm still thinking about how it could work and like the idea, but don't want to cause trouble at the office. So, pray for us!

Here's one of the dresses I made last week while home with Mally. The other pic is from last weekend. The kids love playing in the leaves. You can't see it, but they are barefoot and it's pouring rain!

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