Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Challenge

This Christmas I've decided to either make my own gifts, buy handmade or American-made or fair-traded items. After starting my shopping yesterday, I realized just how challenging this will be! I was at Ross - the best bargains for new things!- and found great things for Abby's birthday except everything is made in China. I gave in and bought 3 things that she really wanted even though they were imports. My conscience is bothering me and I may take one or two back...I'm going to try to find similar hand-crafted things off

Will you join me in my Christmas challenge?


Amy said...

HI Angie, I'm glad I we found each other on face book. It sure is neat to see you family and read about whats going on in your life. I don't blog consistantly but I'm working on it. I read your blog profile Football rules the fall around here too.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Advent Conspiracy? It's a similar challenge type spend less and give more of your time. And then to donate what you save to help get clean water to third world countries, anyway, it helped me to simplify our Christmas this I sorta joined you without knowing it! I do shop at Walmart though, isn't that bad. But it's across the street, so it's just so easy.

I love your homemade food for your baby girl, so cute.

I'm hopping all over your site here, do you feel stalked?
It's fun to read about you.:)
~Amy Thacker