Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 12 - Gettysburg

Gettysburg Military Park was on Andy's must-see list and it was definitely worth the time.  We drove from Philly, PA through Lancaster County on our way to Gettysburg.  I took some pictures of Amish farmhouses and a few buggies along the way.  I was amazed by their huge clotheslines!  Those pics are on another camera, so I hope to add them later.

We started Gettysburg with a tour of the Museum, Film and Cyclorama.  The film was narrated by Morgan Freeman and informative for the kids and I who don't have the grasp of history that Andy does.  We then moved into the cyclorama which is a circular room with the outside walls covered in a continuous oil painting of the Gettysburg battles.  Different parts of the painting light up as you listen to an audio presentation describing the battles.  This was also very well-done.

After the museum, we checked into our hotel about 4 miles out of town and relaxed for a few hours while the kids swam and I did laundry.  We went into town for a late dinner and found the BEST Chinese food at Ping's Restaurant.  We had a Japanese roll and 4 entrees.  All were superb!

Day 13 will continue with a driving tour of the Gettysburg battle sites.

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