Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 11 - Trenton, Delaware Crossing and Philadelphia

Trenton battle Memorial
Trenton Battle Memorial
The days are starting to run together!  We left NYC and drove to a Trenton, NJ suburb for the night.  The morning of Day 11 took us to the Trenton battle site.  The Trenton Battle Memorial is a beautiful one but we were surprised at how neglected it has become.  The park where the Memorial is was overgrown, the flagpole was rusty and no flag was present.  Weeds were growing along the Memorial base and a sign on the door says the Monument has been closed since 2010.  Washington won an important battle on that site, so it was shocking to see such neglect after the other beautiful monuments we have visited.

Deleware crossing site
Soul at Deleware crossing site
From Trenton, we traveled to the site of Washington's Delaware River Crossing on the night of Dec 25th, 1776.  It was hot and humid during our visit, very different from that occasion.  The park was closed, but we walked the grounds and admired the historic buildings and boats.
Deleware crossing boats
Deleware crossing site
We reached Philadelphia around 11:00 and purchased bus passes on their tourist bus "PHLASH" which runs along the historic district streets.  It was crazy busy at the Visitor Center near Independence Hall because of Free Hoagie Day in the park.  We started by riding the PHLASH through the entire loop and stopped for an authentic Philly cheesesteak from Sonny's.  Yummo!  After lunch, we viewed the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and Square.
Great Cheesteaks - With Whiz!
Art Museum
Independence Hall
Independence Hall

Philadelphia is another beautiful city.  So much old architecture and stonework!  My favorite building was the City Hall, which is undergoing renovation.  The stonework and sculptures are outstanding!
Philly City Hall

Philly is a city where we would like to spend a few days.  We weren't able to enter any of the buildings or museums but really enjoyed our quick tour of the historic district.  The city had a huge thunderstorm that night and Mally got wet enough coming out of the grocery store that she "didn't have to shower now!"  Day 12 will take us to Gettysburg, PA.
Sts Peter and Paul church
Sts Peter and Paul church

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