Thursday, June 26, 2014

Road Trips 4 & 5 - Niagara Falls, Fort Stanwix, Saratoga

We have had some long days!  I intended to write last night, but we didn't get to the motel until 10 pm.  I am writing at 11 pm now....

Yesterday, we started in Joliet, IL and traveled into Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and ended in Buffalo, New York.  We stopped at Lake Michigan for an hour and the girls wished we had all day there.  The sandy beach was surprising but unfortunately we couldn't see the Lake due to fog.  The rest of the day was spent driving.

Andy loves to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, so we are trying to find some of the featured restaurants this trip.  Our first DDD stop was at the Buffalo-area Grover's Bar and Grill.  We had their famous cheeseburger soup, burgers and fries.  The soup and burgers were worth the drive!

Day 5 started at Niagara Falls on the US side.  We paid to go onto the Observation Tower to get a better view of the falls.  What a sight!  My favorite views were from the lower observation trail at the base of American Falls and at the top of Horseshoe Falls.  We walked the park trail to Goat Island and viewed the falls from different points there.  It would have been fun to walk under the falls or ride the boat, but we are traveling cheap and fast!

From Niagara Falls, we headed east to Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY.  This was a great history lesson for the kids and I and the re-created fort was very impressive.  It was fun to walk through the fort and see the different buildings and living quarters.  Andy is a good teacher!

We had spent longer than expected at our first two stops, so we didn't reach Saratoga until 7 pm.  We were able to walk the grounds and part of the trail but the Visitors Center and Road Tour were closed.  This was disappointing but Andy was a trooper.

We drove a winding, two lane highway the last 45 miles to Saratoga and on to Brattlesboro, VT.  It was a beautiful drive through the Adirondacks and fun to see the small farms and scenery.  We arrived at the motel around 9:30 pm, found some dinner and cleaned up after lots of walking and sweating!  Tomorrow will be a shorter driving day across New Hampshire and into Portland, Maine.  Looking forward to seeing the Atlantic Ocean!

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