Friday, June 20, 2014

E. Coli 0157

It's been nearly two years since posting here...I hope you have kept in touch on Facebook or in real life! 

We have started another Summer Vacation and we're excited for the plans ahead.  We'll be leaving next week for a cross-country road trip to the East Coast and Virginia.  More on that to come!

I had my first ER visit last week.  After a week of hemorrhagic colitis and 3L of IV hydration, the problem was found to be E.coli 0157 and pancreatitis.  I had an abdominal CT and many blood and stool tests in the week to follow.  It's now day 13 and I'm finally almost normal in the GI way.  I still have fatigue and generally feel crummy, but am thankful to be able to eat and drink normally and not run to the bathroom so often. 

We will be posting our road trip adventures and highlights here over the next month.  Hope you will follow along!

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