Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 1: Idaho, Montana

We had a great first day of travel! 

We left our house about 6:15am, travelling through Boise to Pocatello then Bozeman and finally Billings, Montana.  It was just over 13 hrs driving, plus 1 1/2 hrs in meal breaks and gas stops and 1 hr time change to Mountain Time.  My little car got between 29-31 mpg driving 75-80 and over mountain passes! 

I was impressed with the irrigated farm ground in southern Idaho, not expecting to see so much green.  As we got closer to West Yellowstone in Eastern Idaho, it was gray and rainy but still beautiful with the mountains and evergreens and rivers.  Montana did not disappoint, either!  We saw many groups of antelope and a small herd of elk.  The mountains were clouded over and we had more rain as we got closer to Billings.  I'm hoping it clears off so we can see the mountains tomorrow.

The kids were troopers today and they had great attitudes.  We played two games of Travel Bingo and are still working on a blackout for the second game.  We made it to the hotel at 9:30pm and were excited to see the hotel has a water slide in the indoor pool!  They kept the pool open an extra 30 minutes so we could swim and play.  It was a great reward for good travel.

Tomorrow will be another long day of travel, heading to North Dakota then Mt Rushmore in South Dakota.
Bozeman, MT

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