Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Survived Spring Break

Universal Studios
I want to say a HUGE thank you to my mom for coming to stay with the kids over Spring Break.  She took a week off of work during their busy season to come.  The kids had fun going to the community movie theater, swimming at the hotel pool and eating lots of sweets with Grandma.

We all survived!  Andy drove the van down to Burbank, CA in one 18-hr stretch the first Friday of Break.  We took 8 teens this year and 4 leaders.  The Burbank Nazarene church was our home-base.

Billboard at Universal Studios
Universal Studios

Chinese Theater district
We worked at a community fair/bike-a-thon on Saturday in North Hills, then did some mainenance & custodial work at the Burbank church. We spent the afternoon riding the LA subway and at Universal Studios. Sunday we went too church then spent the afternoon at the Glendale Galleria mall.  Monday morning we served breakfast in a North Hills community soup kitchen, then drove to downtown LA on Skid Row to help clean at a rescue mission.  From there, we went to Hollywood, watched a movie and walked the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theater area.  Tuesday, we left at 3am to drive south to San Diego to help serve breakfast at another mission and helped prep lunch and clean the cafeteria.  That night we stayed at the church on campus at Point Loma Nazarene Univ and attended youth group with them.  Wed morning we left early to head north to Disneyland!  We spent almost 16 hours at Disneyland before heading back to the Burbank church at midnight.  Thursday we began the trek home, staying in Reno Nazarene church for the night.  The old van made it home around 6pm Friday night.
Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission

Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission

Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission

LA Metro subway
It was a long, crazy, exhausting, fun week!  The teens had great attitudes and were challenged with early mornings, long days and new situations.  We started each morning with a group devotion and ended the day with singing & reflections.  Pastor Brad had organized a great week, but we're glad to be home.  Is it vacation time yet?

Store in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Ocean Beach, San Diego

Splash Mtn, Disneyland

California Adventure / Disneyland

Power Nap!

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