Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost Spring Break

Long time, no blog!  I'm finally feeling settled again after a busy holiday season.  Just as I'm feeling caught up, it's time to go again!  We're preparing for a Spring Break mission trip to the LA area.  Spring Break starts this Friday and we'll be taking 9 teens plus Pastor Brad & Jill to Cali to serve in soup kitchens and shelters.  I'm looking forward to participating in the service projects this year, since last year I was mostly on babysitting duty.  Pray for Mom as she comes to stay with our kids this week!

Andy is another year older & wiser.  We celebrated at home with steak, potatoes & carrot cake.   He's finally done coaching for the year and ready for a few months of rest. 
Drew's Jesus hat
The kids are doing well.  Stubborn Mally is having trouble learning her alphabet so we're still not sure if she'll be ready for kindergarden next year.  We're struggling to keep Drew challenged at school & Abby is still the smart, sweet helper in her class. 
This girl has style!
I've been keeping steady hours at work recently.  I'm working Mondays, Wed am meetings and taking a week of call service each month.  I'm helping set up a new In-Home Care program that should start later this year, so I keep busy with desk work when we don't have many patients.  I promise to share some Spring Break pictures when we get back!
Monster green egg

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