Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm in the waiting room this morning as Mally has oral surgery.  She was very brave but a little grumpy when she couldn't have anything to eat or drink this morning.  Thankfully, she slept late and we only had about 30 minutes before heading in to the office. 

We stopped in Prineville to see an old college friend, Jenny Brooks, and her 2 girls on our way to Bend yesterday afternoon.  Their oldest girl had surgery this year so Jenny can sympathize!  We don't see them often enough....hoping to spend some time together at EOU Homecoming in October.

Mally came in to the dentist's office this morning wearing her new Disney wizard princess hat.  She hasn't taken it off willingly since we bought it at Goodwill last night.  She rode the coin-operated horse in the office, changed into the surgery jammies and watched Curious George while getting her first sedative injection.  She got very goofy, giggling at who-knows-what and wouldn't leave her surgical cap on.  She thought it was funny to pull off the cap and throw it in the air.  Silly girl!

Mom just got here and will spend the day with us.  I'll let you all know how she does.

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