Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mally Update

Mally Nugget is doing well after surgery.  They found another tooth that needed a mini-root canal so she ended with 5 new silver teeth.  She was under anesthesia for 4+ hours but woke up pretty quickly.  No vomiting or pain so far - Praise the Lord! 

She was very wobbly on her feet for a few hours in the motel.  It was funny to watch her...so determined to be independent!  She looked like a little drunk girl :)  It didn't slow her down, though, and she & Grandma went for a walk this afternoon while I took a nap.  She's been eating jello, crackers, juice and even had a few bites of Chinese food & a Frosty for dinner. 

She fell asleep while we were at the restaurant, rallied for her Frosty, then put herself to bed by 7pm.  I'm hoping to finish some shopping tomorrow morning before heading back home.  Keep those prayers coming - they are appreciated!

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