Monday, February 28, 2011

February Snow

Winter decided to appear again after 2 weeks in the 50's...

Temps are slowly warming up during the day but we still have 6" in the back of the house and where it is shaded.  The deer have moved in again and really like the ground we have cleared.  This picture was taken just before the snow came.

Overall, we're adjusting well to my being back to work.  I guess I'll be working part-time for awhile.  I'm feeling confident in the Home Health nursing but need training with Hospice.  On-call has become part-time until my manager changes her mind :)  Mallory love playing at the neighbor's house and has spent several days at the child care center in town, as well.  I couldn't have asked for a better start back to work.  Thanks for the prayers!

We will be on the road every weekend in March.  Andy's birthday is coming on the 5th and he wants to be at the Albany Gun Show.  The 12th we'll be in Moscow for niece Kayla's wedding.  Spring Break starts the 18th and we'll be leaving that morning for Los Angeles with the THRIVE Youth Group from church.  Andy will be the bus driver, I'm driving the Expedition and the whole family is going!  It should be a challenging week - driving 18 hours straight to LA, working in a men's homeless shelter, Nazarene missionary retirement home, church construction project and cooking for 16-18 people.  Andy will be working with Pastor Brad to keep the kids on task while Jill & I manage the food, 5 little kids and help with missions as we can.  This is my first mission trip after 20 years of Christian living.  We could use prayers for safety and wisdom as we travel to and minister in LA.

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