Friday, March 12, 2010

Decorating My Home and Other Concerns

I finally finished the curtains and pillow covers for our bedroom yesterday.  I'm really happy with them.  The fabrics remind me of being in a resort and look rich. I'll post more pictures over at Mama Lusco.  Andy also hung my pot rack over the island, giving me more cabinet space. Today I'm working on hanging up pictures, so the house is really coming together now. 

Other things on my mind lately have been worrisome.  Three weeks ago, a supposed leader of the Aryan Nations visited town and announced plans to relocate the group's national headquarters to Grant County.  The community has rallied against the idea of a hate group coming here by organizing prayer meetings, community meetings & coalitions and holding rallies.  So far no property has been bought, but legally it will be hard to stop them from buying land here if they really plan to. 

Back in November Idaho Power announced plans to possibly put a massive power line through the county, running from Boardman, OR to Hemingway, ID.  The original routes had run along I-84, but counties there protested and alternate routes through Grant County were drawn.  Last week, they announced the final 3 route possibilities and one of them runs right along our property (possibly through it).  My stomach is aching at the thought of 150 ft high towers and 125 ft wide path through, above, or below our property.  No one locally has supported the line coming through, but they have already mentioned 'eminent domain' and plan to take what they want.

Please pray for us living in Grant County as we face these threats. 

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Becky said...

You got the prayers!
Don't make me come out there to help you fight the Aryans. I am one mean, mean woman when it comes to certain issues.