Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shop Progress

It's been wonderful to have my brother staying with us since Thursday.  Trent is presently unemployed, so he's been able to come and help Andy work on the shop.  The guys got an amazing amount of progress done on the shop this past weekend.  I've been the gofer, bringing them lunches and running to town for supplies. On Friday they were able to sheet the entire roof and put the metal sheeting on 3/4 of the roof.  Saturday we woke up to a bit of snow but it melted off and we had a beautiful day, even getting sunburns!  They were able to finish the roofing and completed the siding on the back of the shop.  All that's left for us to do on the shop is to install a window then side the front and the contractor will finish the rest. 

The house is ready for the water/septic inspection and power to be turned on.  These should be done early this week then the contractors will fill all the trenches and put the skirting around the bottom of the house.  Once power is on the home builder will come finish the tape & texture work and install the carpets.  Everyone is on track to be done around Feb 1st!  The bank is still waiting for the appraisal and have told us they'll wave the late fees if we don't meet our Feb 15th deadline because of that - hallelujah!  That has been our biggest concern and it sounds like they'll take care of it. 

We are getting really excited about moving and I need to start thinking about packing.  I don't have room for boxes here in the rental, so I'll probably just pack things before we take them out the door.  Definitely not the usual Kropf way :)  Thanks for your continued prayers.  God is good!

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jamesnamy6599 said...

What amazing progress! Your shop looks great. It's big! Praying for you. Moving is so hard and it seems like you just did it.:(

I have to tell you it felt funny to me to pack ahead of time this last time we moved as I usually wait until just days before. I prefer that I guess to living out of boxes for very long. I always think it's fun to see how quickly you can get it done. And really you can pack a house up in just a day! Not so neat and organized maybe, but it's all about the function of moving right? Neatly packed and organized? Nah, it just has to get there in one piece! :) The more boxes you have the ALWAYS takes more than you think. Or maybe it's just my way of packing? ;P

Thinking of you.