Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Review

With the new year we started new money-saving strategies.  I've shared about the new food budget and adventures in making laundry detergent.  So far, we've done great with both of these!  No allergies to the new soap yet and I'm impressed with how well it's working.  It doesn't have the stain-fighting power of my old detergents ( Kirkland Environmentally Friendly and 1 scoop OxyClean), but if I pre-treat my stains with some homemade soap &/or OxyClean it works great.  For extra dirty loads I use 1 cup detergent plus a scoop of OxyClean and normal loads I use 1 cup detergent.  This is about 2x their recommended amount but I didn't think the clothes seemed clean enough with just 1/2 cup.

For the food budget, we ended the month $4 over our $440 budget.  Trent was with us for 5 days last week and our breakfast out put us over the top :)  I was able to enjoy 3 meals out on this food budget and cooked lots of great meals.  Homemade refried beans are the newest family favorite.  I'll share the recipe soon! 

Our diet isn't going very well since Trent came last week.  We're both down a few pounds this month but I'm not going to work at it until after we move.  It's just too stressful right now trying to coordinate the builders, inspections and projects to worry about my diet.  I've tried to keep sweets out of the house and avoid white flour and that really helps us.  Once in awhile I just need some warm chocolate chip cookies for comfort, though!  Hope your year is off to a good start.  Hard to believe February is here so soon!

I shared these on my other blog, Mama Lusco Handmade, but wanted to show them here in case you don't read my crafty blog.  I finally finished some throw pillow covers this week.  I still had the Christmas ones on before these!  I'd bought the fabric on clearance several months ago and love the color & texture.  These were so simple and they make me smile!  I ordered all the fabric to make the drapes for the new house and am excited to decorate another home.

Master Bedroom Curtains:

Family and Living Rooms:

This week I'll be purchasing paint for all 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the kitchen.  I've decided to leave the family and living areas the antique white (light beige) that the whole house is painted.  At least I won't need to paint the ceilings!  

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