Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Here!

The house came today!  The driver was not able to deliver the first half yesterday, but they both came today.  We followed it a few miles down the highway then up to the property.  The second half came after dark and they were not able to position it on the foundation today, so it won't be set together until Monday the 18th. It is very exciting to finally have it here!  We were able to walk through the front half tonight. My kitchen rocks!  The hickory cabinets are beautiful and appliances are top-rate. 

We are a little disappointed that they did not add a dormer that we had ordered.  We're planning how to approach that mistake and hopefully they can just add it once the house is set.  The dormer was supposed to be over the utility room door where the carport or garage will be.  The house is so long that it looks plain without it there! 

We'll be going up again tomorrow in the daylight to get a better look and probably take some more pictures.  Here are the highlights!

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