Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Here! - Part 2

We went back up to the new property this afternoon and walked through the house in the daylight. Wow!  It's going to be wonderful!  The builder forgot to add a 20' dormer where the carport will be, but they will add it on-site and said it would be no problem.  I was having some anxiety over that, but sounds like an easy fix and will give the front of the house more visual appeal.  We aren't able to get into the back half until next week once they are connected. I'm so happy with the hickory cabinets. Andy really wanted hickory and I'm glad I agreed!  Here's what the front looks like for now (until the 2nd dormer gets added over the utility door on the left).


Bethany Haile said...

I love your cabinets...I can't wait to see more pictures once your home is finished!

Anonymous said...

Your cabinets are beautiful! It's so nice when you not only agree on something but are both happy with the result! I can relate. The hickory is really pretty.

And what a great setup in your kitchen. The layout looks like it would be super easy to work in.

Amy T