Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tutus Galore!

If you are still looking for a gift for the girl in your life, why not make a tutu? They are quick, easy, cheap and adorable...what more can you ask for?!!  I have made 5 now for gift-giving and have a few helpful hints. Here is a good tutorial with the how-to. Bobbie also just posted a tutorial with the same method - easy! I buy my tulle by the yard (like Bobbi demonstrates) because it's cheaper - .99 cents/yd at I've also found the 6" x 25 yd spools on ebay for around $1 plus shipping if you don't want the hassle of cutting your own 6" strips. If making a girl's tutu, I use 3 yards or 2 spools for each tutu. I've found if you roll the 6" strip or fold it in quarters before tying it to the elastic you will have nice little pointy, curly separations in your tutu (see the blue tutu). I you just scrunch them up as you tie them on it turns out more wild-looking (see red/green/gold). However it turns out, you're girlie is sure to adore them!

Another easy accessory to add is a matching hair clippie. I bought some snap-clips and set aside 2 pieces of tulle for each barrette. Tie them onto the inside corner of the barrette and make a big bow. Trim the tails of your bow and you now have a matching set of clippies in no time!

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Shona Cole said...

Wow, these tutus are fab, what lucky girls you have :)

thanks for coming by my blog for the Dec 2 giveaway, hope you come back by soon.