Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas in the Sticks

We got a big kick out of the Truckers' Light Parade on Saturday night. You know you live in the sticks when the log trucks, tow trucks & pick-up trucks get decorated with hundreds (thousands?) of lights and shut down the highway  for a parade :) We met some friends from church at THE grocery store parking lot to watch the parade. It had warmed up a little - 20's- and stayed dry for the parade. It was really fun and neat to see the trucks lit up. We saw lots of Santas and a few nativity scenes on the trucks. We are loving life in a small town!


Other highlights of the weekend were getting to know Drew's buddy, Luke. Luke spent most of Saturday with us, then his family came over for dinner Sat. night after the parade. They are a great family and we hope to get to know them better.   Sunday I got my craft on and made 5 more totes and all of our Christmas goodies. I finished the teacher's gifts of Boutique Shopper Bags and they are darling! I plan to make a few more for myself :)

The kids and Andy decorated Christmas tins while I cooked up some toffee and dipped pretzels & mint Oreos.  Yum!  The kids added wrapping paper designs and customized the tins with the families last names while Andy Mod-podged them on. Pretty cute and very handmade!  We'll be delivering them to Andy's coaching friends at their awards dinner tonight.  Andy also made gift bags for all (52) of his students. Pretty cool that he has so few students that he can give them each a gift. He has a few troubled ones that I'm going to make rolls for as a special gift later this week. I wish I could add a few extra hours in my days this time of year!  I still have gifts to finish before we leave town on Thursday. Wish me luck!

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