Friday, October 23, 2009

Meet Jan

I finally received my new Janome sewing machine on Thursday. Yay! As I was getting to know her, I decided to call her Jan. I've never named a machine before, but it stuck in my head so I'm calling it Jan. Maybe the craziness of spending all day with a 2 year old is catching up with me!

Here are a few pictures of my cluttered sewing table. This was a Mother's Day gift from Andy and Drew. It has and extension the length of the back that flips up and my cutting board fits on top. The middle section lifts up and locks when I'm sewing. Really ingenious of Andy to put this together out of hardware from Habitat and a Goodwill desk. The whole setup cost $18. Drew helped sand the extension table. Pretty cool even if it's cluttered right now.

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