Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Snow!

We had snow showers on & off yesterday, but we were surprised to wake up to some snow on the ground this morning - about 2 inches. It's so pretty on the trees and mountains surrounding us. Normally I would be ecstatic about it, but we really want the moisture to hold off another 2-3 weeks so we can get the septic installed on the new property. Yup, we've decided to go ahead with buying the 5 acres out of John Day and plan to put in a new manufactured home. We're still working out the details on the home, since we need to downsize because our Lebanon home still hasn't sold. We're working on renting that one out and then we'll have enough income to move ahead with the new, smaller place here. Yay! for new homes and Yay! for snow!

In other life....Mallory is now sick. She started running a fever last night but thankfully no other symptoms other than a runny nose. Andy was all dressed up this morning for spirit week at school - Wear Red Day.


I love this picture! Mally was taking a bath with an unnamed family member...too cute!

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