Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday is for Sewing

I spent much of today sewing for Mallory. I purchased the new Reversible Jacket pattern from Whimsy Couture and decided to try it out. I used some blue quilting cottons from my stash and am pleased with the results. This was a little challenging for me because of the set sleeves and button holes. I've made mostly peasant-style sleeves and avoid button holes when possible :) It wasn't difficult, just more time consuming than my normal sewing. I added patch pockets to both sides of the jacket because my Little Nugget LOVES pockets! You can tell because in the pictures she wouldn't take her hands out of them. After finishing the jacket, I had enough material left to make a matching peasant dress. To finish the ensemble, I made some Baby Legs (leg warmers). She loves these, too!

After my sewing and a yummy dinner of Chicken & Bacon Fettucini, we played with the new webcam and munched on a mix of dry-roasted peanuts, candy corn and M&Ms. Yummo! It's the most amazing fall snack- try some!

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Fandrems said...

I want to eat her up! Oh my goodness! That outfit is so adorable and she is getting so grown up looking! Miss you guys!