Saturday, February 21, 2009

Country Living

I just love getting to work's a nice change from my daily routine. We had raspberries, grapes some flowerbeds that needed attention, so today I put on my boots and overalls and enjoyed the nice weather. Andy and Drew are working on rebuilding the corral before spring shots are due. I got to drive the tractor while Andy cut down a fir tree that had grown inside the old corral...scary but fun! Our 3 longhorn cows are due to calve in about 2 weeks, so I took a few pictures of them big and pregnant. The other 3 are almost a year old now. After playing on the tractor and helping Andy a bit, I gathered eggs from the 20 laying hens. Eggs are slow right now, but we still have plenty for us and share with a good neighbor. We kept 3 roosters because they were too pretty to kill. We enjoy our little farm so much - such a contrast to our busy lives at work. Later tonight or tomorrow I hope to finish my YCMT quilt top and take some pics.

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Amy said...

My husband and I are so jealous, we'd love to own farmland! We have a big barn but only 2 barn cats and a bunny so far...and perennial and herb gardens but no veggies. We are getting there though. This summer my blog will be more about gardening than sewing so you will see. I tend to sew when there is snow and garden when there is not!