Friday, January 2, 2009

Home Again at Last!

What a busy, fun holiday we've had! We were finally able to leave for Idaho on the 23rd and made it safely after a 13 hour drive (usually only 8 hrs). We spent Christmas with all of Andy's family and were able to spend a couple nights with his sister and her 4 kids. We travelled home on clear roads the 29th and Angie was back to work on the 30 & 31. After work on the 31st, we drove out to a beach house in Waldport for New Year's with our great friends, the Fandrems. Mom & Dad joined us the night of the 1st, and now we're back home again. I'm actually thankful to be home again despite the cleaning, laundry & dishes that never seem to end! We took the Christmas tree, nativity and all the decorations down tonight. Seems like we hardly got to enjoy them this year since we've been travelling so much.

My New Year's Resolution this year is to read my Bible everyday. In the past I did really well, but the last two years I've gotten away from the habit of daily devotions. So, I've got my Daily Bread and Daily Bible readings and commit to making this a priority. I would also like to get exercising again which should help this baby weight finally come off! Definitely second to reading my Bible, though!

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