Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

What a busy day it was! School for the kids, a lunch meeting for me, then a last minute search for a costume for Drew...Five stores later, we ended up with a second-hand ?Darth Vader? costume that he loved. After visiting all 3 local grandmas, we were off the the church party at the Boys & Girls Club. Abby was complaining of a stomach ache the whole time and took 3 trips to the bathroom in the 45 minutes we were there. Just after I got the kids home and to bed the puking began! Abby was up every hour until around 2 am...barf everywhere! I'm so thankful I have an iron stomach. Andy was away at a football game for most of the fun, but he got in on the vomit!

Abby's dressed as Hannah Montana and Mallory was a Pooh honeybee. So cute!

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