Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 15 - DC Museums

We started Day 15 planning to visit several Smithsonian museums.  The first on our list was the Air and Space Museum.  Wow!  The building is full of air and space craft starting with early 1900's versions on to modern aircraft and space craft.  Amazing!

The kids spent their time going through each exhibit.  The space area and How Things Fly area were their favorites.  How Things Fly is full of hands-on activities to teach the principles of flight.  The museum is full of interactive displays that they enjoyed.

We ate lunch then walked to the Holocaust Museum.  The main exhibit tickets were sold out, but we were able to walk through the Daniel exhibit about a boy who lives through the Holocaust.
Smithsonian Castle
From there, we walked to the American History Museum and saw the flag which inspired the National Anthem. I also enjoyed the exhibit of First Ladies gowns and found an industrial Juki sewing machine on display!
American History Museum
AMH Seized Sweat-shop Juki sewing machine
We were tired and a little sore from our long walk the day before, so we ate dinner and went back to the hotel to rest and swim.  We are thankful for a nice swimming pool!

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