Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 8 - Boston

Boston Commons
Ben Franklin statue at Old City Hall 
We had a great day in Boston!  We started by driving the the end of the T-line at Cambridge and riding the subway into Boston Commons.  Boston has a walking tour of the historical sites in the city called the Freedom Trail which is 2.5 miles.  We followed the trail and took some side trips when we saw something interesting.  Lots of walking!
Massachusetts State House
Site of the Boston Massacre and Meeting Hall
Old City Hall
The architecture was amazing!  The old brickwork and stonework were beautiful.  The city was clean compared to LA, the only other big city I've been to.  The streets are narrow and winding and we were very glad we didn't try to drive in.  It was easy to navigate the T-lines and we had a great experience walking Boston.

Paul Revere Mall
Besides all the memorials of famous Revolutionaries and events, we also visited the USS Constitution.  The kids really enjoyed touring the ship and we were able to go one level below deck.

We finished the tour at the Bunker Hill Memorial.  After walking over 2 miles, we still decided to climb the memorial, 294 steps each way!  It was worth it for the views of Boston from the top.  I guarantee I will be sore tomorrow, though.
Bunker Hill Memorial
Abby going down the Bunker Hill Memorial steps
We had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown before riding the T back to our car.  Mally was pooped and fell asleep on the ride back.
Republican donkey at Old City Hall
Tomorrow will take us to NYC for the night.  We're planning on parking on Staten Island and riding the ferry into the city.  Our hotel will be in Mid-town Manhattan.  We're only taking one bag in, so no blogging until our next night near Trenton, NJ (change of plans for those who have itineraries.)  Back in a few days!

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