Saturday, December 31, 2011

Update in Pictures

We installed new vinyl plank flooring in our old family room & kitchen, then moved the dining room set into the new dining room.  We all worked together to take out the old carpet and lay the new flooring.  It only took 8 hrs to install the 2 rooms!  We finished the trim and moved the furniture back in the next day.  What a difference!  We have so much more room around our table.  We removed one set of furniture from the front room and put the TV and leather set in there.  Love it!

New dining room

New flooring
 My parents & brother were with us for Christmas weekend.  We had a quiet, relaxing weekend at home with lots of presents!  The kids are so great...all they had asked for were "olives, pickles & Star Wars DVDs."  Santa brought them more than just olives & pickles, though!

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